Using the various means of transport in Sri Lanka, such as rail, bus and tuk tuk, are all much more exciting compared to the European variants. On these pages we will give you a little insight into the trips by bus, tuk tuk and railway.


From Germany it takes about ten hours by plane to Sri Lanka. As a rule, you fly from Germany via Dubai, the hub between East and West, to Colombo.

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eisenbahn_sri-lanka_5Traveling by train is generally a very nice and relaxed way to travel. The rail network in Sri Lanka was established in the 19th century by British colonialists.

→ Further information on the railway in Sri Lanka.




Linien-Bus in Sri LankaBus driving is very convenient in Sri Lanka. A ticket usually costs less than 1 euro. On our trip we took a bus for the route from Ella to Udawalawa.

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Tuk Tuk

Tuk Tuk Sri LankaA tuk tuk is a widespread means of transportation in Sri Lanka (and also in many parts of Asia). The term “Tuk Tuk” came about through the typical engine noise of the two-stroke engine.

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Taxis are generally cheaper in Sri Lanka than to book their own car hire. Also, the traffic is very chaotic and therefore it is much more relaxed to drive easily.

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