Expiration of the trip

1 day:

Hamburg → Dubai

Our journey began at 8:30 pm at the Hamburg airport. After a very comfortable and very long flight we landed around 08: 00h in Dubai.

2 day:

Dubai → Bandaranaike International Airport

In Dubai we had almost 2 hours time to change to the next plane. After about 6 hours we reached Colombo Bandaranaike Airport on Sri Lanka!

Bandaranaike International Airport → Sigiriya

At the airport, Chandana (Chan) was already waiting for us. He chauffeured us the next 6 hours with his air-conditioned car through the streets of Sri Lanka. After a bumpy ride we arrived at the hotel Hideout in Sigirya late in the evening. The hotel is located in the middle of nowhere in the middle of nature. Although it was late, we were given another great meal.

3rd day

Sigiriya Lion Rock

IMG_8302After breakfast we checked out and our driver Chan drove us to the Lion Rock in Sigirya. It was still quite early and therefore not so warm. This weather was ideal to climb the rock. When we came down from the rock again, Chan was expecting us. Then we went by car to Kandy.

Sigirya → Kandy

From the Lion Rock in Sigirya we went on to Kandy. On the way we made a little break here and there. The route of almost 100 kilometers lasted about 3 hours due to the poorly developed roads.


When we arrived in Kandy, our personal guide Chan showed us the dental stamps. So we gave our shoes at the “shoe storage service” directly in front of the temple plant and we looked at the dental stamps.

Kandy View Hotel

Kandy_View_Hotel_Sri_lanka_6Am afternoon of our third day of travel, we arrived at Kandy View Hotel. To the hotel our guide Chan had brought us. In front of the hotel, we said goodbye to Chan. Now we were faced with the rest of our journey.

4th day

Kandy → Ella

Eisenbahn_sri-lanka_8After a night in Kandy we went to Ella. For the route from Kandy to Ella the ride with the railway is very good. Since the train is very slow, the trip takes a bit, but you can look the better from the window and admire the beautiful landscapes around the railway line. Also the ride with the train is very cheap.

Elmamount Guest Inn

IMG_8615Am afternoon we arrived at the station in Ella. From the station our host “Buddi” picked us up. After a walk about 5 minutes over the railway tracks we arrived in our accommodation the Ella Mountview Guest Inn.

Day 5


On the fifth day of our trip we were now in the mountains. We quickly realized that here the air was a bit thinner and we were pretty fast. After a delicious breakfast, we made our way to the top of Ella Rock.

Ella Rock

IMG_8664The route to Ella Rock takes about 4 hours and you will be rewarded with a great view. One should start early in the morning so it is not so hot, good breakfast and firm shoes (sneakers rich).

Nine Arch Bridge / Tea Plantations

Nine-arch_bridge-sri-lankaA walk from Ella Station on the tracks to the Nine Arch Bridge is a very recommendable excursion. The danger of being crossed by a train is very low, because the trains run very slowly and rarely.

Day 6

Ella → Udawale

Line bus in Sri LankaAt the sixth day of our trip, we took the bus to Udawale on the morning of Ella. In Ella we are a few meters next to the station in the regular bus entered, had to change once a larger bus station and arrived in the early afternoon in Udawale. From there we took a tuk tuk for the last meters, which took us to our next accommodation, the Mansala Safari Resort.

In the evening there was a very good dinner, which was prepared by the mother of our host. The next day we wanted to visit the Udawale National Park. As we leave early, we went to bed early this evening.

7th day


Safari_Udawalawe_National_Park_3Schon before the sun rises you are on the way to the national park in Udawale. The park consists mainly of open grassland and forests. The area is famous for its large elephant population.

Udawale → Tangalle

Tuk Tuk Sri LankaAfter returning to our accommodation, we took a tuk tuk to our next hotel on Tangalle beach.

8th and 9th day


Our arrival at Little Pumpkin Cabana in Tangalle was the beginning of our beach section of the holiday. We had left the temples and the highlands behind us and now we have a good view of the sea and fresh fish