Ella Rock

A sweat-inducing climb that is definitely worth it!

The route to Ella Rock takes about 4 hours and you will be rewarded with a great view. One should start early in the morning so it is not so hot, good breakfast and firm shoes (sneakers rich).


Even if you have not reached the summit for a long time, you can also halfway enjoy the view.


The last third of the route to the summit is quite steep and sweaty.


The efforts are, however, rewarded with a great prospect.

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We got this information in our accommodation “Ella Mountview Guest Inn” from our host “Buddi”. This little piece of paper was a very good guide to the ascent to Ella Rock.

So you come to the Ella Rock:

  • From the train station go about 1.5 km along the railway tracks (direction Kandy)
  • After a black bridge turn left onto a small path
  • Then you cross a small footbridge (under one is then a small waterfall)
  • At the next fork you can go both left and right. The goal is the same. When you turn left, you come to a nice vantage point.
  • Afterwards the path is a bit thicker and you get out at a tea plantation. Then turn left, go past a few small houses and then it is always steeper uphill.
  • If you can not find the way directly you can always ask someone for the way.
  • But be careful: If you want to accompany the whole path to the summit, you can assume that you should pay a few rupees. Should you use a guide, you should always set the price beforehand. We also found the way without a tourist guide (even if we were wrong here and there).

Great accomodation close by:

→ Ella Mount View Guest Inn

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