Suitcase list


For a trip that goes longer than the weekend, a luggage list is always a good idea. Just when you are many thousands of kilometers away from your home, it makes sense to think carefully about what you have to take with you.

This luggage list starts with the most important things you should have on a trip to Sri Lanka:


passport4The most important accessory is of course a valid passport. If the passport has expired, it is advisable to take a new passport in time. In addition to waiting for an appointment with the appropriate authority, you have to plan a few weeks of processing time.



A visa for 30 days costs 30 US dollars. You can pay by credit card with American Express, Master and Visa cards.

The visa can be applied for easily on this website:



Health insurance


For a carefree journey, a private health insurance abroad is recommended. For a few euros you can protect yourself against expensive medicines.

If you do not have an international health insurance, then I can recommend the health insurance of the HanseMerkur:

→ Well insured with the international health insurance for 1 year of the HanseMerkur

EC card / credit card

credit card3

With the EC card you can conveniently withdraw cash at the cash machine. Larger amounts like hotel costs can be paid well with the credit card.

If you do not have a credit card yet, I can recommend the free current account with credit card to the worldwide free money of the DKB:

→ DKB-Cash: Free current account with credit card


Conversion table Sri Lanka Rupee – Dollar


For the conversion of Sri Lanka Rupees (LKR) in Dollar and vice versa (Dollar in Sri Lanka Rupees) you will find a conversion table here. Easy to print and store in your wallet.

When converting Sri Lanka Rupees to dollar and vice versa, a small table is a very good help. After all, you do not want to get out the smartphone every time, just to calculate the price of bananas.

→ Conversion table for printing on a DIN A4 sheet


Travel Guide


With a travel guide, you can make an overview of the destination before the trip. On the other hand, you can increase the anticipation of the trip with the tour in the guide.

A good travel guide provides helpful background information about the Reiseland, gives tips and information for the planning of the trip and shows the most interesting sights. The best is to buy a current and used guidebook. This is current and not so expensive. After the trip you can still sell the tour guide.

→ A selection of good travel guides can be found here!


Travel adapter


Since there is no worldwide standard for the sizes and shapes of plugs as well as the number of holes of sockets, a Reisestecker adapter is a helpful accessory for long-distance trips.

Many accommodations are equipped with rice plug adapters, but not all. Therefore, with a small adapter on the safe side, you can recharge your electronic devices such as a smartphone, camera, notebook, tablet and whatever else you have on the road.

→ Here we have listed for you the best Reisertecker adapter.




Since the sun has much more power in Sri Lana than in Europe, it is an accessory that should not be abandoned. A good sunglass also blocks the ultraviolet radiation portion of sunlight.

Sunglasses must have the CE mark. This sign guarantees a minimum of quality standards.

→ Here we have the best sunglasses for you.




Since in Sri Lanka not all roads and streets are sufficiently illuminated, it is recommended to have a flashlight. Moreover, the sun in Sri Lanka is quite early.

A good flashlight should be unbreakable and equipped with LED lights.

→ Here we have listed the best flashlights for you.




In the tropical hot climate of Sri Lanka it rains very frequently and strongly, but only very briefly. In this weather an umbrella is always a good companion. When the sun is shining, an umbrella is also a very good shade dispenser.

Many locals use it as rain protection as well as sun protection.

→ Here we have the best umbrellas for you.


Ear Protection (Oropax)

listening5Ear protection in the form of ear plugs should be easy on any trip. Already in the aircraft they are an accessory, which brings a quiet despite the permanent noise. In the hotel one can with ear plugs confidently the ceiling ventilator during the sleep start and despite the noise of the fan sleep well..

→ Here you will find the best earplugs.

Prepaid Sim Card


Since the surfing abroad off the WLAN hotspots is quite costly, it is worth buying a prepaid sim card.

Directly at the airport there are stands of the local mobile radio providers. There you can buy a sim card very cheaply. The friendly staff install the SIM card directly into the smartphone and activate it immediately.

Alternatively, you can get a Sim card before the start of the journey. For example at

→ Sim card at