Travel adapter for Sri Lanka


Unfortunately, there is no worldwide standard for sockets and plugs. The sizes and shapes of plugs as well as the number of holes of sockets vary from region to region. This is why it is always advisable to have a suitable travel adapter for a long distance trip.

So that you can charge your electronic devices such as smartphone, camera, notebook and tablet also from your own socket is a Reisestecker adapter definitely a helpful accessory.

sri_lanka_steckeradapterIn the following, we have listed the best travel adapter for you:

Travel adapter for Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh and other countries

This very inexpensive adapter is easy to use and is suitable for both flat plugs and schuko plugs.

The travel adapter is suitable for the following countries:
Guyana, Chad, Madagascar, Ghana, Pakistan, Libya, Botswana, Lebanon, French Guiana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Niger, Bhutan, Congo, Nepal, Bangladesh, Namibia, South Sudan, Sudan, Myanmar, Dominica, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Jordan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, India


travel adapter from the brand SKROSS
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travel adapter from the brand SKROSS

This adapter is suitable for sockets for over 150 countries. In addition to a weight of just 186g and the very small dimensions, the adapter also has an integrated fuse.

The adapter is a bit more expensive, but it really fits everywhere! A must for all travel fans who do not want to worry about the plug standards of their destinations!

Also a great gift idea!

The main features:

Input voltage: 100V – 250V
Max. Load: 10A
Power: e.g. At 110V – 1100W / 220V – 2200W
Integrated fuse