In Sri Lanka not all roads and roads are adequately illuminated and therefore it is highly recommended to have a flashlight. Just because in Sri Lanka the sun sets quite early, it makes sense for the evening to have a good flashlight.

Besides a classic flashlight you can also take a headlamp. This has the advantage that you always have hands free and the light always follows the direction of view automatically. Especially when camping with the tent construction in the dark is a very helpful accessory.

If you are planning a trip to Sri Lanka and do not have a flashlight, then we have put together a small selection of flashlights for you, where the price-performance ratio is right.

LED headlamp

Thanks to the flexible and adjustable headband, this headlamp can be worn comfortably even longer. The light has various settings: 2, 10 or 18 white LEDs can light up or 2 red LEDs (as signal light). In addition, this headlamp is shock resistant. In addition, the lamp can be tilted 90 degrees downwards. This is very handy when, for example, you go down the stairs in the dark and do not want to keep the head down all the time.

An overview of the main features of the headlamp:

Weight: 113 g
Dimensions: 12.7cm x 8.6cm x 7.1cm
Batteries: 3 AAA batteries (included).
Light output: 78 lumen (which is quite bright)
Power consumption: 1 Watt (but that is really little)


LED flashlight from Varta

This flashlight is a high-quality branded product from the renowned manufacturer Varta. With a weight of 141 g and product dimensions of 23cm x 10cm x 5 cm, it is good in hand and has the ideal size.

With 2 AA batteries (are included) this LED flashlight is operated. Equipped with 3 LEDs, this flashlight provides a bright light beam. The housing is shock-resistant and consists of aluminum, rubber and ABS plastic. With the hand strap the light is always safe.



LED flashlight from Zweibrüder
1.729 Reviews
LED flashlight from Zweibrüder

This flashlight is very small, handy and the batteries (are there) keep very long. With an empty weight of just 9 g and the very small product dimensions of 4.3cm x 1.5cm x 1.5cm fits in every pocket.

The light output of the LEDs is 17 lumens with a power consumption of only 0.69 watts.